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How can I raise funds through building “My Supporting Square”?


By creating your very own fundraising page - My Supporting Square via Red Square, you can now support your chosen Hong Kong Red Cross (“HKRC”) service(s) and service recipients, then invite your friends and beloved ones to support us by donating online.



Where will the proceeds raised be used?


The fund raised will be used in the HKRC service(s) you choose. If the chosen HKRC service project(s) is popular among the public and receives sufficient donations before the cut-off time of different phases, the additional proceeds raised will be donated to the HKRC’s “General Donation”, which will help services including Blood Transfusion Service, Bone marrow & cord blood donation, Disaster Relief and Preparedness Service, First Aid and Health Training, Youth and Volunteer Programmes, Tracing, Special Education and Rehabilitation Services.



How to establish My Supporting Square?


Step 1: Register an account
Step 2: Select the service project(s) that you would like to support
Step 3: Set your donation target.
Step 4: Design the interface of your personalised page
Step 5: Call for your friends and family to support your personalised page



Can I support more than one service project in my personalised page?


Yes. There is no limitation on the number of service project you choose in the personalised page.



How can I check My Supporting Square’s donation progress?


Both the donation target and progress will be shown automatically in the front page of every personalised page.



Can I change the service project(s) that I support after I have made my choice?


No, you can’t. But you can build a new page for the humanitarian work(s) that you also wish to support.



What is the fundraising cut-off time?


Phase 9 of this online fundraising activity will end at 23:59 on 30 June 2018, Hong Kong time. If the HKRC service project(s) you choose is popular among the public and receives sufficient donations before the cut-off time of this Phase, your additional proceeds raised will be donated to the HKRC’s “General Donations” to support HKRC’s humanitarian services.



Shall I register a new account if I’d like to support the online fundraising activity again in the next Phase?


You can continue with your current personal account without having to create a new one. The entire fund raised in this Phase will be donated to the HKRC by the cut-off time. It will not be accumulated or brought forward to next Phase.



Will my supporters receive receipts for making their donations?


Will my supporters receive receipts for making their donations?If donors provide their names, addresses, and phone numbers, while not stating "no receipt required" on the donation form, we will issue them a receipt by default. Donors can help us save administrative costs if they choose not to receive a receipt.



When will I get a receipt?


A donation receipt will normally be sent to you within 4 weeks. In times of emergency relief, it may take around 6 to 8 weeks.



Can I have a receipt entitled to a different donor name?


Yes, you may do so. Please simply state clearly on the donation form the name you wish to be printed on the donation receipt.



Is the donation tax-deductible?


The Hong Kong Red Cross is an approved charitable institution (IRD ref no. 91/356). In accordance with the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong, if the donation to an approved charitable institution amounts to HK$100 or above during a financial year, it will be tax-deductible upon submission of donation receipts.