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Health Emergency Response Unit

 “In Bangladesh, we met many people affected by the violence, they have nothing and can only rely on basic humanitarian aid. Our support, no matter how little it is, brings hope to them.”

Mr. Walter Leung

HKRC Volunteer nurse

Hong Kong Humanity Award 2017 Awardee


Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is a global emergency tool developed by the Red Cross and Red Crescent (RCRC) Movement. An ERU is a standardised package of trained personnel and modules of equipment, ready to be deployed at a short notice and aiming at providing immediate support to disaster-affected places.


The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) Health ERU has been providing Human Resource and technical supports to various emergency operations since 2006. Over the last decade, a total of over hundred person-times of trained personnel, the majority of them as trained professional volunteers, deployed in over 22 emergency operations in 19 cities and countries globally. Operations included Kenya Floods 2006, Sichuan Earthquake 2008, Zimbabwe Cholera Outbreak 2009, Haiti Earthquake 2010, Qinghai Earthquake 2011, West Africa Ebola Outbreak 2014, Nepal Earthquake 2015, recent Rakhine Crisis and Syria Crisis related contexts.  


You can also save lives by supporting HKRC in fostering humanitarian aid workers!The donation will contribute to direct supports to train professional humanitarian volunteers as well as deploying them to deliver service in an emergency.


Please join hands with us to donate and become our life-saving partner, every dollar counts!


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