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People affected by climate-related emergency


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Climate-related Emergency


Over the recent years, people around the globe have been exposed to risks of stronger and more frequent droughts, cyclones and floods due to climate change. These climate-related disasters are often causes or aggregating factors to complex humanitarian emergencies, resulting in food crisis, conflicts, faster and more geographically-expanded outbreak of diseases.


To support people who are suffered from climate related disasters, and to build the resilience of those in the most vulnerable situation, Hong Kong Red Cross has been providing emergency assistance and supporting disaster preparedness for climate related emergencies around the globe.


Many of those affected by climate related disasters have critical needs, ranging from emergency shelter, food and nutrition support, health and psychosocial support, fresh water and sanitation to longer term support, for example recovery and building resilience to further disasters.


In Afghanistan, the five-month pregnant Atayee is not excited about welcoming her baby to be born. In contrast, she was very worried because of the consecutive droughts. “The drought has finished all our livestock, now it is killing people… our stored food ran out, we had nothing to live for in here.”


To continue to provide support to those affected by climate related disasters, especially to help displaced people, women, children and disabled people in building resilience, your generous support is essential. Please act now and help us continuously monitor and provide immediate support to the affected by climate-related disasters.