Hong Kong Red Cross

Red Square

You are invited to fundraise for or donate to the following humanitarian services until 31 December 2019, please kindly support us!

General Donation – Spread your love to all vulnerable people in need

Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has established in Hong Kong for over 60 years, we dedicate ourselves to "Protect human life, Care for the Health of the vulnerable and Respect human dignity". Our services include blood transfusion, disaster relief and preparedness, first aid & health training, special education & rehabilitation service, tracing and youth development, etc.

Purchase Home Safety Items for Singleton and Elderly Couples in Need

Hoping to assist the needy elders to develop a healthy living habit and prevent further deterioration of health condition, the Home-based Chronic Disease Management Service for the Elderly (CDME) has been developed since 2014.To further improve the home safety in the elders' homes, we hope to raise HK$25,000 to purchase home safety items for needy elders with financial difficulties.

Health Emergency Response Unit

The HKRC Health ERU has been providing Human Resource and technical supports to various emergency operations since 2006. Over the last decade, a total of over hundred person-times of trained personnel, the majority of them as trained professional volunteers, deployed in over 22 emergency operations in 19 cities and countries globally. Please support the HKRC in fostering humanitarian aid workers and become our life-saving partner!

Music Therapy Service and Training Program for Physical Handicapped Students - Music Therapy! Beat the Life Rhythm!

Music is an effective means to help students with special needs to express their feelings and enhance communications skills. The Hong Kong Red Cross John. F Kennedy Center is now raising fund to provide students with a 23-week music therapy service and training session. Please act now and help students with special needs to develop confidence as well as music potentials!

Climate-related Emergency

People around the globe have been exposed to risks of stronger and more frequent droughts, cyclones and floods due to climate change. These climate-related disasters are often causes or aggregating factors to complex humanitarian emergencies, resulting in food crisis, conflicts, faster and diseases. Please help us continuously monitor disaster situations, and provide immediate support to the affected by climate-related disasters.